Black & White Baby Graphics - Infant Visual Stimulation Art

These B&W graphics are used to stimulate a baby’s vision. Babies can also only focus approximately 8-12 inches from their face and prefer high-contrast images. These graphics are intended to help promote vision development & a baby’s curiosity. Babies love gazing at these graphics :) A great baby shower gift!

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Ice Pirates Hockey Logo Items

Show your love for ice hockey & pirates with this cool ice hockey team logo on apparel & gifts!

Kenner Family TREE TOTS Family Tree House Playset NEW, recreated walls & floors!

Restore your Kenner Family Tree Tots Family Tree House playset to its original 1970s charm with these brand NEW recreated wall, floor, and tabletop graphics!
These laminated pieces can be applied directly to the original walls, floors and table top with rubber (contact) cement or similar glue that adheres to plastic.

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